I'm Danielle Duran

studio owner & designer

With over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry as a Communications and Marketing Director, as well as a Membership and Technology Director at some of Southern California’s premier clubs, I know, first-hand, the struggles of communication personnel and their race against time.

I launched Club Design Studio to help Private Club Membership and Communications Directors chip away at their daunting design task lists. We are here to lend helping hands as much or little as your Club requires.

The future of Private Club Communications Is Here

let us help you get there

Hiring was never a breeze, but nowadays it’s proven even more difficult to find that unicorn! No matter how accurate your job description is, it’s still difficult to find a candidate that checks all the boxes your Club needs. 

from graphic design to email marketing, club design studio does it all.

Whether you need a breath of fresh air during a busy time, or needing ongoing communications support, we’re here for you. 

The Studio works with talented designers around the country to create stunning materials for your Club. 


You'll never need to worry about wearing yet another hat at the club ever again!

Instead, run every campaign you’ve wanted to run and enact every strategy you’ve brainstormed! Contact us today to see how can assist in your journey to building a robust membership pipeline, refining your Club Branding, and keeping your members engaged. 


we're trusted by

You'll find us at the nexus of creativity & operations

work culture is everything

Work culture is changing, and clubs are evolving with it. Club Design Studio works with talented designers across the country that work-from-home creating a balance between creative and life. 

Best-in-Class Designs & experience

We strive to produce best-in-class designs and a hi-touch experience for each and every club. Communication is what we do best!

There is always more to learn

Our team puts emphasis on staying up-to date with the latest club strategies and trends ensuring you’ll always have the latest an greatest. 

Kind Words From Past Clients

our studio team

of designers & experts


Dieu Ngoc Pham

project management

Digital communications and content strategist with a background in private clubs.


Wendy Csifo

Graphic design

Graphics and UX/UI designer with a background in private clubs.


Hannah Ploechl

3D & Graphic Design

Graphic design and 3D renderings specialist for hospitality marketing.


Molly Lovelady


Expert copywriter with a background in hospitality and marketing. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to assist clubs with time-saving, virtual solutions to simplify club communications and creatives.


Ways we can assist your club

Custom Design

Hire us to create custom flyers and marketing collateral for your club.

Interim Support

Hire us for interim club communications and design support.

Annual Support

Hire us for full-service club communications support for a year.